Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chapter 4

For us we decided that four children sounded like a nice number. well, actually it was three, but we had twins, so what the hell!! Our oldest had just turned 4, our second was 20 months and then along came the twins. Our family was complete! I didn't quite "bounce" back from the birth as easily as I had hoped and I found recuperating from a c-section to be quite f*!#ing painful!! I was talked into breast feeding my boys by a "nazi", hard-up-for-a-good-laugh nurse. We also happened to be moving 3 three weeks after the twins were delivered, so I might say that humility and modesty comes very quickly to one harpooned on a couch, breastfeeding two babies while packers and movers trapse through the house. So, as I said, 3 weeks after the twins arrived, our little family packed up the old home front and headed on north 6 hours away from either family and plunk in the middle north? "I think they have a hospital up there?!"

This is when my recollection of events goes a little bit blurry...Twins survive castration-I mean circumcision, c-section incision becomes infected and successfully treated, 4 year old starts jk and left stranded off the school bus in "we forgot about you" school yard. 5 week old twin gets admitted into hospital with high fever, spinal tap, IV in head 3 day stay. Annoying wisdom tooth gets infected and reluctantly abstracted (yish I hate the dentist). Finally, 4 year old (again) comes down with shingles (yes it actually was). Anyhoo, I believe these were the first 3 months in our new home.....oh yeah, and a partridge in a pear tree! Amidst this chaos we hired a "mothers helper", pretty much because my mother was damn near done helping me, needed a break and lets face it, wanted to escape from our tumbleweed home front! Well, along came a new chapter for us and a brief stint of "relief"!!!

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