Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chapter 2

So where to begin? I'm 39 and in "o.k" shape considering I cant stick to a regular exercise regime.....I get bored ok?! I'm just not your typical "sun salutation/doggy style" type. I do enjoy, unusual or out of the ordinary activities-heck shaking it in front of the mirror naked is a real workout and REALLY entertaining! I do believe that aging and GRAVITY can work in you favour....I no longer have to worry about butt issues anymore because the old keister is now located somewhere in my hamstrings!! I love that children-or at least mine- love to express their opions so accurately through their artwork. One year I decided to have my hair cut into a very fashionable "bob" and my daughters drawings that used to portray me in a somewhat princess like manner now depicted mommy with triangle hair. A note on the nudes.....if you are unfortunate enough to wait until they can reproduce you in an ever so non-flattering have waited too long to instill the "repecting each others privacy" policies in your home. As well, if the mommy and tot bath times have turned into a pointing and laughing episode...once again, you've waited too long to enforce "PRIVACY !GET OUT!" rules in your home. My 9 year old is my little anti-aging police/coach. She is on the ball to alert me to the fact that the "two lines on my face are showing". She is of course referring to those scowl lines on the forehead right between the eyebrows. You know that saying your mother used to say whe you were a kid-"stop making that face or it will stay that way..." -yep, she was right! I supose my daughter took me seriously the ONE time I yelled at the kids " YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE ALL DOING TO MOMMIES FACE???" DO YOU WANT MOMMIES FACE TO STAY LOOKING MAD ALL THE TIME??"
I strongly advise's very therapeutic! I blame this on the era of political correctness that seems to beg for rebellious, embarrassing and downright inmature behavior. Well, quite clearly, I haven't always been "deliriously happy", it has been a long road full of bullshit, crapdididoodoo that has contributed, built up and flat out imploded along the way to get me to this current "state". We must now take a look back along this journey to see how it all began........

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